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Jumax Healthcare was established in 2019 and the company is located in Sacramento, the capital of California, U.S.

Jumax is a medical device brand dedicated to providing a better accuracy, better experience, and more cost-effective home medical devices and equipment.
With the development of the times, online shopping has gradually replaced the traditional offline shopping market. More and more consumers tend to use mobile phones or computers to shop, and they can buy the goods without leaving home.

In order to get closer to consumers, since its establishment, Jumax has always focused on brand building and product sales on the online platform, especially the Amazon platform. In the past year or so, Jumax North America has provided sales sand after-sales service to nearly 10,000 consumers and received unanimous praise from consumers

In order to better meet the needs of North American consumers for large armbands,  in July 2019, Jumax's first upper arm sphygmomanometer A27 was launched. A27 is equipped with two different sizes, the armbands are 22-32cm and 32-42cm. The launch of A27 has solved many problems that consumers have been encountering. We received many positive feedback and reviews from North American consumers, it encouraged Jumax to develop more good products to meet their needs and solve their problems.

In October 2019, Jumax launched the infrared ear-frontal integrated thermometer AT11. Before the Covid-19 epidemic, the demand for household infrared thermometers was already in a period of rapid development. The sudden epidemic has accelerated the demand for infrared thermometers. Jumax infrared thermometers have been launched one after another, the AT12, AT14, AT16 and AT18,  four models of infrared thermometers to meet market demand and to contribute to the worldwide fight to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Jumax has already launched 8 products including upper arm blood pressure monitor and infrared thermometer, such as: net atomizer, blood glucose meter, blood oximeter, electric Toothbrush, Bluetooth body fat scale, sports bracelet, etc.

Beginning in the second half of 2020, Jumax opened up the Amazon Japan site and began to provide services to Japanese consumers.

In addition to online sales channels, Jumax also has its own international trade team, which is responsible for meeting the needs of business customers. Jumax provides OEM services for companies from all over the world that require customized products.

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Tel: (916) 621-7548
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